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Janna Moultrie

A Conversation with Janna Moultrie & Listiner Martinez

  Imagine being 13 years old and being told you have a disease that might kill you.That is exactly what happened to Janna Moultrie, diagnosed with 3rd stage non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma she realized and learned to change her health habits. “I was getting breathless,I realized I had a golf ball size thing on the side of my shoulder".Having 3rd stage non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, it can turn into breast cancer which is scary for any thirteen-year-old to go through.Janna overcame these odds with help, faith, and a change of diet.

  At an early age, she did not grasp the seriousness of the situation, her mother made sure she was getting all the treatment and nutrients needed to survive. “My mom had to make sure I was getting my treatment…I didn’t want it”. She eventually resulted in getting chemotherapy, which did a reverse affect and made her terminally ill. This led her to become granted for Make a Wish Foundation, where they Janna Moultrie a wish for terminally ill children.She was on the verge of death and they granted her a wish,her wish at 14 or 15 years old at that time was to get a computer.

   “I started researching natural ways to cure cancer, what you can eat and do and I became a vegetarian…from my research I learned different types of herbs help”.For over twenty years she has been changing her diet for the better, living a healthy lifestyle.  From graduate school to getting a certification in holistic health, Janna is now helping people through her research and knowledge of holistic health.

  Having five books published in her life while going through trauma and unfortunate experiences, Listiner Martinez has a story worth sharing, inspiring, and uplifting others. Currently battling breast cancer, she still strives to uplift and see the positive in life. From an early age, Listiner was abused by her mother and eventually falling into an emotionally abusive marriage which led to anxiety and depression. She went through psychotherapy and got into a positive mindset, where she strived to move forward and make significant changes in her life.

  Her passion in life is writing, she has published 5 books and was planning on doing more. Her books inspire, motivate, and share a common theme of compassion and survival. Being a survivor of abuse, striving for goals, coming from a tough environment, she has overcome the odds to change not only her life but others as well. Even while battling cancer she wants to change the perspective and narrative to more positive. “I like to use the phrase face the cancer instead of f cancer”.


  Being transparent with her voice, her life, and journey, she is making an impact on changing perspectives to a more positive light in the world. Whether its through her books, her social media, or podcasts and interviews, she always shed light and remains transparent with her story and journey to help others.


Listiner Martinez

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